Willard Turner

Willard Turner worked at Breedlove Airport in the fall of 1945.  He re-fueled airplanes and performed other preparatory work on them prior to flight.  He also soloed from Dagley Field and has many memories of both air fields.  Turner gave me a very good interview and donated his pilot's log book to me for my research.

Turner made two trips to the old Breedlove Airport grounds in 2007 to help with searches and was one of the persons who stumbled across the concrete foundation of the doping room hidden by tall grass and weeds during our second search.

Turner has been a very big help with identifying information from photographs and enhancing stories over the phone, through email, and in person.  Turner traveled to Texas Tech's College of Architecture wood shop lab in August, 2010 to give input to Mr. Aaron Shenefelt and Mr. Joe Engelhardt regarding their construction of the scale models of Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field.

Turner fell ill the day before the BREEDLOVE CPTP REUNION DINNER in September, 2010 and was not able to attend.  However, he very generously donated the $87 for his three meal costs to my reunion dinner costs.  Below is a photograph of Turner during my 2007 interview of him at his Lubbock home.

Photo courtesy John W. McCullough.