Pre-Flight's Classrooms

The Pre-Flight Classroom instructors were usually Texas Tech or other area college instructors but also included area high school teachers.  Below is a photograph (split in half) found at TTU Southwest Collections.  Although none of the instructors were labeled, I have since been able to identify several of the persons in the photograph.

John Bradford is shown with a white letters JB on his suit.  Dr. Bradford was later the Dean of Engineering at Texas Tech University, retiring in 1984.  Mr. E. C. Westerman is shown with white letters EW on his suit.

This next photo is the right side of the same group of Pre-Flight instructors.

Horace E. Woodward (listed with black letters HW on his suit) was a math instructor at Texas Tech for the Pre-Flight cadets.  Mr. Woodward later became head of the Texas Tech math department.  I interviewed Eufa Woodward, his wife, and she identified many persons in this photo.

Mr. Woodward's very close friend, Mr. Robert "Bob" Parker is labeled with a black RP and stands to the right of Mr. Woodward.

Eufa Woodward was also able to identify Mr. Day (first name unknown who stands to Mr. Woodward's left and is labeled on his suit with the white letters DY).

Lida B. May, who taught math, is labeled with black letters LM.  To her left is another math instructor, Opal Lawley.

Irene Bussey (listed with black letters IB on her skirt) was a Lubbock High School math teacher and taught the same to Pre-Flight cadets.  Mrs. Bussey retired from Lubbock High School in the 1980s.

I found Mr. J. B. White, former Pre-Flights physics instructor,
residing in Lubbock and interviewed him at his home in the summer of 2009.  More will be added about Mr. White at a later date.  Mr. White was just 23 years old when he taught physics to the Pre-Flight cadets.  Three of those students were James Fagan, Fran DeVoll, and Roger Fenlow (who remembers Mr. White).  Mr. White is not listed in either of the photos above; however, a photograph I took of him during my interview appears below.