McWhorter visits BA
On Friday, July 24, 2009, William McWhorter of the Texas State Historical Commission in Austin, visited Breedlove Airport.  Breedlove Aiport (BA) is located about 1/2 mile east of MLK Blvd (formerly Quirt Ave) on E 50th Street in Lubbock, TX.  Access is available only by permission.

Mr. McWhorter was in Lubbock for a conference and wanted to see the grounds of the old Breedlove Airport so I arranged to leave work early that day and meet him and many other persons at the site.  We were there about 45 minutes, meeting at 3:30 that afternoon.  It was very hot.  We all had a great time looking over the old grounds and seeing the concrete foundation of the Doping Room (the smallest of the hangar buildings and the only one which runs north-south).  The Doping Room was 35 feet wide and 80 feet long according to records from the Lubbock Central Appraisal District (LCAD).  Mr. Ron Trollinger has been an enormous help to me in locating records at LCAD and at the Lubbock County Tax and Records office.  The measurements of the Doping Room (taken on the second search on Oct 5, 2007) were correct at 35' x 80'.  I will be working with Mr. William McWhorter to petition the State of Texas and the City of Lubbock to mark the grounds of Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field (located at 34th Street and Quaker Ave) as Texas State Historical Landmarks.

Pictured in the photo are:
Wallace McKee
Sara McKee (her dad, Fenner Tubbs, was one of Clent Breelove's part-time pilot instructors in the CPTP)
William McWhorter
Michael Dennis (LCU student)
Arlee Gowen (former employee at Breedlove Airport)
Willard Turner (former employee at Breedlove Airport)
Lara Newcomer (accompanying William McWhorter)
James Fagan (cadet pilot at Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field in the Texas Tech Pre-Flights from Oct, 1943 to June, 1944)

(Photo courtesy John W. McCullough)