Leighton H. Maggard

Leighton H. Maggard was a cadet pilot in Lubbock during the early days of World War II.  After that, Maggard trained at the Breedlove Pre-Glider School in Plainview, TX.  In 1944, Leighton Maggard traveled to Lamesa, TX where he was a pilot instructor in the Lamesa Liasion Pilot School at Lamesa Army Air Field (Lamesa AAF).

Leighton travelled to Lamesa in January, 2010 along with with son-in-law Clar Schacht and grandson of Lockney, TX to see the Lamesa AAF site currently owned by Joe S. Cope.  Doug Flynn of Snyder, TX joined everyone there along with Joe Hays of Big Spring, TX.  Doug Flynn was a glider pilot in WWII and briefly trained in the CPT in New Jersey before returning home to Lubbock and SPAAF.  Mr. Maggard and his son-in-law Clar Schacht attended the BREEDLOVE CPTP REUNION DINNER.

Below is a photograph of Mr. Maggard at his home just west of Plainview during my interview in August, 2010.  Mr. Maggard is holding a photograph of himself at the Plainview Pre-Glider School in the winter of late 1942 or early 1943.  This was a "dead stick" pre-glider training field run by Clent Breedlove.  Mr. Maggard is the cadet pilot on the far left in the photograph.

More will be added about Leighton Maggard in up-coming weeks.