Harold Humphries

Harold Humphries flew as a private pilot from 10-13-38 until he secured his Commercial Pilots license #58190, with instructors rating in 6-12-42.  He taught in the Civilian Pilot Training Courses, CPT, at Lubbock Municipal Airport.

When the Plainview, TX. AAFGTD (Army Air Force Glider Training Detachment) began in 6-15-42 he instructed there until 7-25-42.  He served as chief pilot of the Breedlove CPTP from 4-13-43 to 3-31-44 at which time he went to the Air Force and served as a pilot in the ATC (Air Transport Command) in the U.S. and Pacific theater.

Harold Humphries in WWII Service Pilot's uniform.  Note the "S-wings".  Photo courtesy Harold Humphries.

Harold Humphries with many other CPTP pilot instructors on the Texas Tech campus circa 1942.  Humphries is to the right of Charles B. Akey whose buckle is shining very brightly on first row.  Charles B. Akey is fifth from the left on first row.  Floyd Smith is fourth from the left on the first row.  Humphries is sixth from the left.  Earl Dietering is on the third row, second from left wearing glasses.  Photo courtesy Southwest Collections / Special Collections Library Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.