Dagley Field
Below is a drawing made by Earl Dietering on Saturday, January 13, 2007 at his home.  John McCullough asked Dietering to draw Dagley Field which was located at 34th Street and Quaker Ave in Lubbock.  At one time, Quaker Ave was known as Dagley Road.  Dagley Field was 160 acres (or 1/4 square mile) in size.  After Dietering drew Dagley Field, McCullough immediately realized that Fagan's map was a drawing of the same field and not of Breedlove Airport.  Dietering had not seen Fagan's map in his letter home in 1944.  The similarity between the two maps of the same field draw over sixty (60) years apart is amazing.

Dagley Field had one (1) hangar which also included the Doping Room and Office.  The field had four (4) runways and one of Breedlove's patented T wind cones (in top left).  The hangar held many Taylorcraft planes and other types of planes.  More information about Dagley Field will be added in the upcoming weeks.  The map below is courtesy of Earl Dietering.

Map of Dagley Field drawn by Earl Dietering on Saturday, Januar 13, 2007 at his home in Lubbock, TX.  This map was used as the primary source of information for the scale model of Dagley Field built by Mr. Aaron Shenefelt and Mr. Joe Engelhardt of Texas Tech's College of Architecture during the summer of 2010.

Only one of two known photos of the one hangar at Dagley Field.  Photo is of the west side of the Dagley Field hangar.  Note the word C A F E written vertically on the small building to the left of the hangar.  An office was on the second floor.  This was the main entrance with the hangar door on the east side so that airpcraft could be let into and out of the hangar.  Photo is courtesy of Southwest Collections / Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.

This photograph was provided to me by Fran DeVoll of Washington State.  Mr. DeVoll was roommates with James Fagan in the Texas Tech 309th CTD Pre-Flights program.  I found Mr. DeVoll using the Internet phone book,  Mr. DeVoll sent me a CD of many photographs of him at Texas Tech during WWII.  This photograph is of the same hangar, Dagley Field -- west side, as appears in the Breedlove Collection at TTU Southwest Collections.  Note the word C A F E written vertically on the small building to the left of the hangar.  You can also see a sign for ROYAL CROWN colas on the cafe front.  Mr. DeVoll supplied the CD of photos in August, 2010.

Photo courtesy Mr. Fran DeVoll of Washington State.

Harold Shanks, CPT / Pre-Flights pilot instructor at Dagley Field.  Note the stairs leading to the 2nd floor office in the one hangar at Dagley Field.

Photo courtesy Mr. Fran DeVoll of Washington State.


The application for a historical marker has been submitted to the Lubbock County Historical Commission (LCHC) and is being reviewed.  Updates will be posted regularly.