Charles D. Akey
Charles D. Akey worked at Dagley Field in 1944-45 while a student at Lubbock High School.  Akey's father, Charles B. Akey, was manager of Dagley Field during this time.  Akey witnessed Dagley Field's only hangar burn to the ground sometime after the war.  Akey was on 34th Street east of Dagley Field when he witnessed the fire.  At the same time, Earl Dietering watched Dagley Field burning from Brownfield Highway and Quaker Ave.  Akey continued on to Dagley Field and saw the planes burned so intensely that metal "icicles" dripped out of the engine ports.  It was a total loss.  Dagley Field was closed shortly after the fire.

Charles and his wife Joan joined us for the BREEDLOVE CPTP REUNION DINNER.  They flew up from Austin just for this event.  I was very glad to have them join us.  The Akey's and I stayed at the Overton Hotel the night of the reunion dinner and we enjoyed a great breakfast together the next morning (Sunday).  We then drove around the Texas Tech campus and visited 34th Street and Quaker Ave where Charles worked at Dagley Field during WWII.  Charles' father, Charles B. Akey managed Dagley Field for Clent Breedlove after Breedlove took over operations of the field when M. F. Dagley left with Lowell Sailsbury for Chorpus Christi Naval Air Station in April, 1943.  We ended the afternoon with a visit to Silent Wings Museum.  Below is a photo of Charles and Joan at Silent Wings Museum.  Photo taken by John W. McCullough.

More will be added about Charles D. Akey in upcoming weeks.