BA DF Scale Models

By 2008, I began to wish that I could see what Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field looked like in 3-dimensions.  I remembered all the great scale models of landing zones (LZs), drop zones (DZs) and battlefields which I saw displayed at all the very fine D-Day museums in Normandy, France.  Their scale models are very impressive to see.

When I began formulating planes to host the BREEDLOVE-CPTP REUNION DINNER for September, 2010, I decided that I must have scale models of both airports to be the centerpieces of the dinner.

I contacted the College of Architecture for a second time early 2010.  I called the main phone number and asked for Dr. Elizabeth Louden who was recommended to me by an undergraduate student who worked at Varsity Book Store in Lubbock.

Dr. Louden then choose two graduate students, Mr. Aaron Shenefelt and Mr. Joseph Engelhardt to build the scale models of Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field for me.

I met Shenefelt and Engelhardt for the first time in late May of 2010, just before I left for D-Day 66 in Normandy.  We met at the College of Architecture.  We looked at some photos of the airports from WWII and they showed me a scale model of some apartments they built recently.

We decided to met again in July and would keep in touch by email and discuss some prices of materials and their charge for labor.

I met with them both many times.  We reviewed photos and they really poured on the hours.  They had 3 of the 4 scale models complete in time for the reunion dinner on Saturday, September 11, 2010.

Dr. Louden, Mr. Shenefelt, and Mr. Engelhardt were all my guests for the reunion dinner.  I also asked them to be available next to the models to answer questions about how the models were built, from what materials they were made, and how long it took to make them.

Below are some photos of the scale models and their builders.  In January, 2011, I met with Aaron and Joe again to design and build the fourth model, a detail of Dagley Field and to help with whatever I could for the acrylic cases.  Joe and Aaron really came through for me again.  The total cost of all four models along with acrylic cases was about $3,500.  They are on display at Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock, TX

Above:  Aaron Shenefelt looks at an early version of the BREEDLOVE AIRPORT site model showing all four runways and the hangars and two-stor administration building.  Photo is from July, 2010 and was taken by John McCullough in the College of Architecture's Model Shop.

Above:  Joe Engelhardt shows a "jig" used by model builders to make various aspects of a model.  This jig was used to build the area where the runways criss-crossed.  Photo is from July, 2010 and was taken by John McCullough.

Above:  Joe and Aaron measure the three original BA-DF scale models again to prepare work on the fourth and final Dagley Field detail model.  This photo was taken by John McCullough at Southwest Collections / Special Collections Libary at Texas Tech.  The three scale models were housed here temporarily following the BREEDLOVE CPTP REUNION DINNER.  Photo was taken in February of 2011.

Above:  Joe shows the underside of the BA shop and parts room.  The spent many long hours going into exacting detail to make these scale models and they did an excellent job!  Note the ribbing inside the shop and parts room which is how it appeared based upon photos from WWII of Breedlove Airport.

Above:  Aaron and Joe review the final product of all four scale models along with their acrylic cases on display in the model shop.  The models were then transported to Lubbock Christian University (LCU) where they were displayed for the West Texas Historical Association's annual meeting in late March of 2011.  They were then taken to First Friday on Ave J near 4th Street in Lubbock for a one-night showing.  Finally, they were delivered to Silent Wings Museum just in time for D-Day 67 in June, 2011.  They will be on display there through June, 2013.